My friend Gregg Potts is pastor of First Baptist Church, Emerson, in Cartersville, Georgia. He recently told of an experience he had in witnessing to a stranger in a crowded restaurant. I’ve included it just the way he wrote it:

This past Saturday night, Holli and I went to Henry’s in Acworth. We eat quite a bit at Henry’s because of the cajun cuisine. Henry is a friend of mine.

We are sitting in Henry’s at a bench just behind the bar. We sat there because we were watching the LSU baseball game on the tv’s over the bar. The place was filled with customers and it was loud. It’s always loud at Henry’s. It’s a cajun place.. it’s supposed to be loud.

A man and his wife come in and sat beside us. And when I say they sat beside us, I mean the man was right beside me… maybe two feet apart if that much.

As he sat down, I introduced myself and continued with my food. Then, I felt prompted to witness to him. I’ve tried to be more sensitive to witnessing opportunities recently but, I was in a crowded restaurant sitting very close to the bar. I thought,

“It might be a little awkward to talk to him about Jesus right now.”

But then, I thought about hell… I remembered that if a person dies without Christ, they spend eternity in hell. As I thought about that, my spirit grew bolder about witnessing. So, I asked the man if he was a believer? He said, “Oh yes sir,” and then told me where he attended church.

Ok, you may be thinking, “I thought this post was going to end with you leading this man to Christ in a crowded restaurant.” Yeah, I know; that would be a great story but instead, the purpose of this post is to remind us to witness.

I’m a fairly bold person and I was having trouble witnessing in the restaurant. Only after the reality hit me that if this man doesn’t know Christ, I’m missing an opportunity to lead him to Christ if he isn’t a believer. So, with that in mind, I witnessed to him.

You have probably been in similar positions. Maybe it was the ballfield… maybe it was a restaurant… maybe it was at work…

Regardless of the environment, if the Lord prompts us, we need to witness. It’s like this folks; if we are afraid to witness, we are letting our fear keep us from possibly changing a persons life eternally.

Join me and let’s ask the Lord to help us be bolder in telling people about a loving Savior who died for the sin of mankind.