Ravi Zacharias was once speaking to a large
crowd of college students and one student interrupted his presentation, stood up and yelled out, “Everything is meaningless!”

Zacharias responded very quickly, “You don’t believe that.”

The student yelled, “Yes, I do!”
Zacharias said, “No, you don’t.”
The student yelled, “I most certainly do. Who are you to tell me I don’t?”

“Then repeat your statement for me,” the speaker requested.
“Everything is meaningless!”

Dr. Zacharias then said to him, “I assume that you assume that your statement is meaningful.”

The student said, “Pardon?”

Zacharias said, “If your statement is meaningful, then everything is not meaningless. On the other hand, if everything is meaningless, then what you have just said is meaningless too. So, in effect, you have said nothing.”