The Story of The Timothy Report

In 1997, The Timothy Report began as a weekly email newsletter, at the cost of $9.95 per year. Its purpose was to provide fresh illustrations, commentary, quotations, statistics, or anything else which might be useful in preparing a sermon or Bible study. Many church secretaries found that some of the items were good for “fillers” in church bulletins and newsletters, so they, too, subscribed.

In 1998, the newsletter became free to anyone who would like to receive it. And with very few exceptions, The Timothy Report has been published via email every week since.

One popular feature was the addition of original graphics to the website,, which would be downloaded without cost for use in church publications, or for any other non-profit use. To keep the size of the website down, each graphic would remain on the site for one week, before being replaced with another.

We are now transitioning to a blog format, for four reasons. One, the cost of maintaining a website has been a burden, even with occasional donations. Moving to a blog format will eliminate that. Two, we believe that a blog will make the material more useful to a wider audience, as the items will have a longer lifespan than if they merely appeared in an email. Three, the illustrations, quotations, poems, etc., will be searchable, making them more useful for those who are preparing sermons and Bible studies. And four, we should be able to leave the graphics up for a longer period of time. They, too, will be tagged and categorized, so you will be able to search for, say, Mother’s Day graphics, even if they are from past years.

It will take some time to get items from the old newsletters posted, so we ask for your patience! It is our hope and prayer that the postings will be useful in your ministry and personal life with Christ, and that the Kingdom of God will be honored and His Name glorified!

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