A little while ago, a preacher called me and asked me about his idea for a sermon. He wanted me to critique his sermon idea and give him pointers on how he should proceed. Before he started talking about his idea, I asked him, “What is the scripture that you are going to use?” The preacher then told me, “I have a sermon, maybe you can help me find a scripture so that I can preach it.”

Now I do recognize that sometimes the theme of a sermon comes before you actually have a scripture. But, once you have a scripture, your idea will no doubt be modified. In some places your idea will be amplified. In other places, your idea will be totally changed. In fact, your idea will have to come to struggle with the real text once you find it. In other words, you don’t have a sermon if you don’t have a scripture. Maybe a good motivational talk. Maybe a valid business lecture. You may “wreck the house.” But if you ain’t struggled with the scripture, we have something else other than a sermon…

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