I heard a preacher the other day who obviously did not put in the hard work of thinking theologically about the lives that his people were living. In addition, the strong scriptural foundation was missing as well. That preacher preached a sermon that did not touch the people. Then while noticing his floundering he simply started whooping. The people start shouting, yes, but where they equipped to handle any real engagement with the world or helped in their struggle within it. This kind of preaching is useless…. Preaching is hard work, and God is there to help us at every step of the way. Certainly you will not always hit a “home run,” but don’t don’t serve the people warmed over slop, tack a whoop at the end, and then relish in the misguided approbations of humanity. The people may shout, but you aren’t fooling God, and you aren’t helping your people when you serve slop in the pulpit.

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